Intercultural education in Greece: the case of thirteen primary schools

Περίληψη σε άλλη γλώσσα

The present study deals with headteachers’ and teachers’ perceptions of the nature of intercultural education and the necessity of its implementation in intercultural primary schools in Greece. It also seeks to explore teachers’ and headteachers’ views on the teaching methods adopted and the events and activities organised in the classrooms and in the school to implement intercultural education, and why.The research methodology adopted is a mixed-method approach. It has been employed in order to add breadth and depth to the analysis and to achieve a better and more complete understanding of the social phenomenon examined. The research methods used include questionnaires administered and interviews undertaken with teachers and headteachers.Teachers and headteachers seem to have a clear idea of the meaning of intercultural education and of its principles. In addition, they support the implementation of intercultural education for a number of reasons. The results indicate that great impor ...
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Τσαλίκη, Ευανθία Κωνσταντίνος
University of London. Institute of Education. Faculty of Children and Learning. Department of Learning, Curriculum and Communication
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Gundara Jagdish
Traianou Anna
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