Essays on the economics of human capital


The particular PhD thesis provides a theoretical and empirical research on the economics of human capital. From a theoretical point of view, I offer a classification of several approaches, so that the reader can understand in a clear way the similarities and differences between as well as within the branches. Regarding empirics, the results provide controversial evidence on the growth effects of human capital. For this reason, I first conduct meta-regression analysis (MRA) of the effect of education on economic growth. The MRA results show that there is substantial publication selection bias towards a positive impact of education on growth. Once I account for this, I find evidence of a genuine growth effect of education. The variation in reported estimates depends critically on the specific features of the study. These findings do not imply that the positive impact of education on growth postulated by theory does not exist. It may be the case that the problems characterizing empirical ...
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Δοκίμια για τα οικονομικά του ανθρώπινου κεφαλαίου
Zotou, Stefania Charalampos
Degree Grantor
University of Ioannina
Committee members
Μπένος Νικόλαος
Μυλωνίδης Νικόλαος
Καρκαλάκος Σωτήριος
Αδάμ Αντώνιος
Χλέτσος Μιχαήλ
Συμεωνίδης Σπυρίδων
Οικονομίδου Κλαίρη
Social Sciences
Economics and Business
Human capital; Education; Health; Economic growth
186 σ., tbls., fig.
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