Efficient Illumination Algorithms for Global Illumination In Interactive and Real-Time Rendering


The synthesis of photorealistic digital imagery has long been considered as one of the most fascinating domains in the field of computer graphics. Its main goal is the generation of visually stunning images, mimicking as close as possible the appearance of objects in the physical world. The endeavor for visual realism has directed a large amount of research interest in the investigation of the interactions of light and matter, resulting in an established mathematical framework and the striking beauty of the generated images on today's production level renderers. While the theoretical concepts of light transport are well understood and applied in offline rendering, the interactive reproduction of the underlying physical processes remains a highly challenging topic due to the various constraints involved in the process. Furthermore, the increased need for the delivery of highly dynamic interactive content in today's vast virtual environments, that can potentially change in every frame, h ...
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Αποδοτικοί αλγόριθμοι φωτισμού για διαδραστική και πραγματικού χρόνου σύνθεση εικόνας
Konstantinos, Vardis Andreas
Degree Grantor
Athens University Economics and Business (AUEB)
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Παπαϊωάννου Γεώργιος
Τουμπής Σταύρος
Πλατής Νικόλαος
Θεοχάρη Θεοχαρή
Φούντος Ιωάννης
Μανιά Αικατερίνη
Μουστάκα Κωνσταντίνος
Natural Sciences
Computer and Information Sciences
Computer graphics; Global illumination; Graphics data structures; Ray tracing; Photorealistic rendering
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