Industrial location in capitalist societies: the tobacco industry in Greece, 1880-1980

Περίληψη σε άλλη γλώσσα

This study is concerned with the location of industrial plants withinspecific capitalist social formations and more particularly where the subordinatemode of production is simple commodity production. Through acritical analysis of the hitherto, existing approaches to industrial location,namely classical, behavioural and more recently Marxist it identifies theinadequacies and hidden 'rational kernel' of this theoretical development and inturn puts forward an alternative. Though critical of the existing Marxist schoolit can nonetheless be seen as an analytical developent within this tradition.This critical theoretical analysis is then followed up and expanded within thecontext of the particular case study of the spatial distribution of the tobaccoindustry in Greece between 1880-1980 which highlights .many of theseinadequacies.Hitherto existing industrial location theory is seen as falling prey to theanalytical falsities of apotheosis, reductionism, one-sidedness, and abstracttheoreticism ...
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Λαμπριανίδης, Θεολόγος
University of London. London School of Economics and Political Sciences. Department of Geography
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