The social media network twitter as a source of volunteered geographic information for the development of seismic intensity maps


Main aim of this thesis, is to research on whether social media can be a suitable VGI (volunteered geographic information) source, for collecting information in a Geography-relevant scientific field, in seismology and in particular, in the development of seismic intensity maps. The thesis is divided in two parts. In the first part, a definition of VGI and description of some characteristics of this phenomenon are provided among with the description of popular VGI sources. Moreover literature review on Twitter and twitter data is performed. The first part also includes basic theory of seismology macroseismology, macroseismic scales and conventional methods of macroseismic data collection. In the second part, a methodology for extracting macroseismic observations from VGI data, generated by twitter is presented. Methodology is applied it in two case studies. First case study is the February 26th, 2014 ML=5.9 Kefallinia (Greece) earthquake, and second case study is the November 17th, 201 ...
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Το μέσο κοινωνικής δικτύωσης twitter ως πηγής εθελοντικής γεωγραφικής πληροφορίας για την εξαγωγή μακροσεισμικών παρατηρήσεων και την ανάπτυξη χαρτών μακροσεισμικής έντασης
Arapostathis, Efstathios
Degree Grantor
Harokopio University
Committee members
Παρχαρίδης Ισαάκ
Στεφανάκης Εμμανουήλ
Δρακάτος Γεώργιος
Καλογεράς Ιωάννης
Χαλκιάς Χρήστος
Λέκκας Ευθύμιος
Βαΐτης Μιχαήλ
Natural Sciences
Earth and Related Environmental Sciences
Volunteered Geographic Information; VGI; Geoinformatics; Twitter; Neogeography; Mining from social media; Geography; Seismic intensity maps; Earthquakes
175 σ., im., tbls., maps, fig., ch.
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